February 14, 2007


The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite is an integrated solution that can simultaneously manage, secure, automate and accelerate digital media workflows.

The solution lets users easily share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. Distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can now easily share and exchange files regardless of their size. Signiant's technology also allows the easy delivery of digital content to Internet and mobile portals, and lets users acquire and exploit community-generated content, thereby allowing them to monetize new and emerging media business models and meet time-to-market demands.  

A Web-based user interface allows users to manageme functions from anywhere, as well as configure, track and report on media movement, both internally and externally. The software includes encryption, authorization and user authentication features to secure and protect digital assets in-transit from piracy and corruption. The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite is also optimized for file transfers on and off the enterprise's central backbone, with guarantee of origin and certified delivery features.

Templates allow users to easily create customized distribution workflows, manage distribution schedules, and quickly set up job automation parameters. The software's active bandwidth management features allow users to maximize usage of the available network resources. And because it is software-based, the solution can be easily and quickly deployed.

The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite is comprised of two core and three optional modules. The Central Media Manager delivers the power and intelligence of an enterprise-wide digital media distribution solution through a Web-based console. Media Agents are deployed throughout the network and are responsible for the distribution and collection of data. The Media Accelerator is an optional module that accelerates data movement over high-latency networks between the Media Agents. The optional Media Exchange module extends the reach of the Signiant-enabled network to allow the easy upload/download of digital dailies. And the optional High Availability Central Media Manager protects the uptime of the Signiant-enabled network with automated failover to a redundant Central Media Manager.