June 26, 2007


Sohonet provides a fast and advanced digital media network that spans three continents. SmartJog (www.smartjog.com) provides a global distribution and file transfer platform to facilitate the entertainment industry’s transition to digital formats by replacing physical logistics with electronic intermediation via a secured network.   

The relationship will enable existing and future SmartJog clients to benefit from Sohonet’s high bandwidth network and solutions, while existing and future Sohonet clients will have access to SmartJog’s global footprint and end-to-end applications. The collaboration brings Sohonet a stronger presence in Continental Europe and North America, and SmartJog an increased presence in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.   

“This partnership provides added value for both companies which means added benefit for our clients,” explains Sohonet president & CEO Dave Scammell. “With Sohonet powering clients on the SmartJog system, these connected clients not only will have a broadened distribution footprint, but greater collaborative possibilities as well.”   

“Sohonet’s service offering and expertise, combined with SmartJog’s existing footprint and innovative application offers unparalleled security, reliability, and ease of use and puts us in a position to offer clients additional speed in a fully controlled environment,” notes Julien Seligmann, CEO of SmartJog. “This relationship allows us to build on our hugely successful co-operation in the UK market over the last few years and adds further value to clients of both companies worldwide.”   

In related news, Universal Pictures is using Sohonet’s high-bandwidth global network for collaboration on its international marketing, production and distribution needs. The creative operations department at Universal will use the network in areas such as: film production, pushing feature films to vendors, trailer finishing, visual FX, international language versioning, television commercial work, and trailer distribution.   

“Joining Sohonet enables Universal Pictures to streamline our workflow across virtually all of our marketing and production areas,” notes Dan Wolfe, executive VP, worldwide creative services, Universal Pictures. “Being a global company, Universal needs to be able to quickly distribute product to all of its vendors, partners and production staff, and Sohonet makes that an easy and efficient process.  Sohonet allows us to leverage our Los Angeles-based resources internationally, handling time-consuming project work locally instead of burdening our colleagues abroad.”