February 6, 2007


Version 3.2.2 of the Nuendo EuCon adapter adds control over MIDI tracks and channels, including MIDI plug-in insert effects, as well as access to all elements of corresponding VST instrument channels. Editing MIDI parts in the Project Window is now just as seamless as editing audio parts. MIDI notes can even be edited with help of soft keys, smart switches and jog dials on the Euphonix MC.

Along the line of workflow enhancements, a set of additional preferences now allows better organization in projects containing many tracks. Transport behavior can now be adapted to suit user preference. And the display of key Nuendo software parameters on the Euphonix hardware has been enhanced to allow faster recording, editing and mixing with Nuendo on MC, System 5 MC or System 5 hybrids.

"With MIDI technology in wide use, this update is a valuable extension to the EuCon adapter of the Nuendo Media Production System, which has proven to be a top-flight solution for recording, surround and post,” says Lars Baumann, Steinberg's senior product manager for Nuendo.

"Nuendo operation with our consoles and controllers via the innovative EuCon protocol has been very popular with our clients, who are working on feature films, TV shows and music projects,” says Euphonix VP of marketing Andy Wild. “This is a welcome update, especially the new MIDI implementation, as this brings the full power of the System 5 channel strips - with eight knobs and TFT displays - to the Nuendo MIDI and instrument tracks. The integration of Nuendo with the MC, System 5-MC and the System 5 range of consoles is now at the point where the hardware and software work as one. It's a very impressive recording, editing and mixing environment."