August 15, 2007


Lisius spent weeks shooting this past spring and was able to capture supercell thunderstorm and tornado footage.

"I was able to capture eight tornadoes on HD video and some spectacular supercells on 35mm," says the cinematographer. Highlights among the new material include a timelapse wide shot of a striated supercell thunderstorm shot near Tarzan, TX; supercell timelapse from Sunray, TX; and F5 tornado aftermath footage from Greensburg, KS, all captured by Lisius on 35mm film. The 35mm footage was shot on Kodak Vision2 and transferred to HDCAM at Video Post in Dallas by colorist Steve Franko. 

"The supercell shots were just gorgeous with insane motion, colors and textures," Lisius recounts. "In contrast, the complete devastation left behind by the incredible tornado that struck Greensburg in May was numbing."