February 8, 2007


Homenyc posted two HD ads for the Super Bowl, which will live on in theatrical exhibition. Artists at the facility used the Autodesk Smoke editing and finishing system to cut Izod's In the Snow commercial, which was shot in Iceland. The studio also used Smoke to conform an ad for Van Heusen. Visual effects work for both ads was completed in Flame, and rotoscoping was performed using the Combustion desktop compositing application.

Brickyard VFX used the Autodesk Flame visual effects systems to complete several shots for a humorous Diamond Foods commercial promoting its Emerald snack brand. The spot features entertainer Robert Goulet, who terrorizes an office full of sleeping employees. The studio's work centered around Goulet's escape, during which he is shown crawling on the ceiling.

The Mill used Smoke, Flame and Combustion to post a variety of commercials, including Snickers' Mechanics (Flame and Combustion), FedEx's Moon Office (Smoke and Flame) and Not What it Seems (Flame and Combustion), Sierra Mist's Karate, Hospital, and Comb-over (Smoke), Pizza Hut's Poparazzi and Herd (Smoke), Budweiser's King Crab (Smoke and Flame), and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company's Rollin' VIP (Smoke).

Here's a list of a number of additional Super Bowl spots that were completed using Autodesk tools:

- Axyz-Design used the Inferno visual effects system to complete Budweiser's Clydesdale spot.

- BUF Compagnie used Flame to create a Hewlett-Packard spot featuring the popular custom motorcycle builders from Orange County Choppers.

- Charlex created E-Trade Financial's Stickshift spot using Smoke, Flame and Maya 3D animation, modeling and rendering software.

- Filmworkers Club used Smoke for finishing work on Frito Lay's History and Washington Mutual's Jump, as well as on Anheuser-Busch's But He Has a Bud Light, Fist Bump, Rock Paper Scissors, and Reception.

- Method Studios shaped Toyota's Ramp and See Saw using Flame and Maya.

- Nexus Production posted Coca-Cola's Videogame with Autodesk 3DS Max animation, modeling and rendering software.

- Nice Shoes used Flame on several spots, including Foot Locker and Adidas' Autograph, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company's Rollin' VIP, Flomax's Finish, and Snapple's Wise Man.

- Pixel Farm created a :30, :60 and three-minute music video cut of Garmin's Maposaurus ad using Smoke and Inferno.

- Psyop created Coca-Cola's Happiness Factory using Flame and Maya.

- Quiet Man posted Pizza Hut's Poparazzi and Herd with Flame and Inferno.

- Sway used Flame and 3DS Max to create a robot featured in a GM spot.