April 13, 2007


NORTH HOLLYWOOD - Technicolor Content Services (www.technicolor.com) has purchased a Resolve RT digital mastering suite, along with a new Resolve Conform Station from da Vinci Systems for use in its DI operations. The studio was impressed with Resolve's 4K DI film finishing capabilities.

Resolve RT can access the Technicolor's SAN directly while bridging both CXFS- and ADIC-based SAN systems. This allows it to handle workstation-created VFX files and scanned 4K images. The user interface and tools are very similar to those on the da Vinci 2K, which has been in use at Technicolor for a number of years, minimizing the learning curve between the two systems.

"We've worked directly with Technicolor to make sure it would have the right solution to take the company to the next stage in its DI operations," notes da Vinci's vice president of worldwide sales and service, Peter Glassberg. "It's nice to be part of a collaborative team that's looking to stretch the current state of the art ever farther." 

Technicolor was also impressed with Resolve's PowerMastering feature, which allows multiple deliverable formats to be output from a single source file, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for additional storage space. Grading and rendering of a 4K master can also take place from source files, making last-minute changes easy and eliminating time-consuming, redundant rendering.