April 24, 2007


This investment in location-services is a response to continued demand for Technicolor's digital dailies, digital intermediate, and on-set realtime color-timing capabilities.

"With the advent and huge expansion of digital tools and services, including electronic cinematography, our Digital Printer Lights system, etc., we've experienced a strong demand for location-based services," notes Ahmad Ouri, president of Technicolor Content Services. "Clients want the efficiencies of making post production decisions earlier, during principal photography, and having these decisions carry through seamlessly during the final DI process.  Creative Bridge has been a leader in look creation and pre-post workflows in this market. We can now truly bridge the Technicolor experience for filmmakers from on-set to on-screen."

Creative Bridge launched the first Mobile Digital Lab and Theater (MDLT) at NAB 2006.  The MDLT has been utilized for theatrical, television and commercial projects and recently wrapped the ESPN mini-series, The Bronx is Burning.  The MDLT provides a full complement of services ranging from 4:4:4 data capture and cloning to "look design" and display, plus editorial prep by creating HD and SD down converted tapes or direct to disk file transfers. 

Technicolor's Digital Printer Lights system allows cinematographers and directors to create and apply looks on set in a non-destructive fashion while preserving the original digital master.  These looks are then brought back to Technicolor's facilities for online finishing, a full digital intermediate process, VFX and final film-out and archiving.