August 29, 2007


The Teranex Video Computer can switch between three major applications: imageConvert, imageRestore, and imageEnhance at the touch of a button on its built-in touch-screen, and can convert images between SD and HD with high-quality results. HQV’s PixelMotion deinterlacing delivers sharp, detailed HD images employing per-pixel motion-adaptive algorithms and a sophisticated multidirectional diagonal filter assuring video free from jagged edges. The HQV processing engine provides per-pixel motion-adaptive noise reduction, detail enhancement, and advanced scaling for quality upconversion of SD material.
“The Teranex Video Computer was recognized for its innovative design which has changed the paradigm for professional video processing by offering a flexible software-based platform delivering the highest image quality in a variety of video processing applications,” says Jed Deame, co-founder and GM of Teranex. “This award is a huge validation for our technology and platform, and it’s an honor to have the Academy recognize our efforts.”