June 25, 2007


Pricing for Nuke GUI has been reduced by 30 percent to $3,500. Render licenses have also been reduced to $250 per license.

Since The Foundry’s purchase of Nuke from creator Digital Domain, the compositing tool has seen a number of new enhancements, including a new optical flow node for accurate retiming operations, a new interface with enhanced tracking markers for Tracker, improved selection methods, support for reading/writing HDRI image formats, an updated color wheel, FrameCycler Professional 2007 and complete support for the company’s full range of OFX plug-ins. OFX is a free-of-charge, open source plug-in standard for developing 2D digital visual effects. It is via the OFX API that The Foundry has been able to provide plug-in support for Nuke so quickly.

In addition to the Nuke news, The Foundry has announced that Furnace for OFX plug-ins is imminent. The new Furnace for OFX toolset will feature 36 advanced image processing tools. New plug-ins in Furnace 4 for OFX include: ChannelRepair, ColourAlign, ColourMatte, Contrast, Correlate, DeBlur, DeFlicker2, DeNoise, Depth, FrameRepair, MatchGrade, MotionBlur, MotionMatch, MotionMatte, MotionSmooth, ShadowRemoval, SmartFill, SmartPlate, SmartZoom, Splicer, Steadiness, VectorConvertor, VectorGenerator and VectorWarper.

When it ships, Furnace 4 node-locked will be priced at $4,400. Furnace 4 float will be priced at $6,600. Existing customers will be able to upgrade for $2,200  (node-locked) and $3,300 (floating).