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March 21, 2007

The new location features two Avid editing rooms, an Avid Symphony and Apple's Final Cut Pro. On the sound side, Threshold has a sweetening and mixing studio with Foley and ADR capabilities. A full service recording studio is being refurbished and will come online in May. The studio also has plans to add a film and television mix stage.

Heading up Threshold's audio post division is Michael Perricone, founder of Hollywood's Interlock Post.  Perricone's background includes screenwriting for major TV shows, mixing scores and supervising post on dozens of films and television shows.  He's currently handling the audio post needs for the Oxygen Network's The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, ITVS's Animal Empire, and an IMAX featurette for the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center.

Marc Schrobilgen, director of video services for Threshold, serves as both a producer and editor, and specializes in music video and live concert events, such as VH1's Decades Rock Live.  The studio has posted the last two years of Decades of Rock, providing mixing, sweetening, editing and finishing services.

Photo: Threshold’s (L-R) Perricone, Schrobilgen and director of engineering Peter Barker in Mix Room 1.

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