February 9, 2007


The launch of Thought Equity Motion’s self-upload submission capabilities makes it easy for individual producers of motion content to secure representation for and make money from their own footage, creative storyline and commercial content. In addition to uploading their existing content, Thought Equity Motion is also providing filmmakers with access to its extensive library of watermarked footage - free of charge - to encourage its creative usage.

The company has also improved its corporate Website, making it easier to navigate and providing better access to content. The new “Shot Reels” feature, for example, allows pros to view multiple camera angles and shot types for a single scene.

Producers looking to submit content have two options:

1. “Footage We Want” – If a producer has footage that meets a need in the company’s library, the Thought Equity will represent that content. Library needs are listed at www.thoughtequity.com/footage.

2. “Productions” – Producers with creative editing skills can leverage the company’s library to create commercials and entertainment programs. Thought Equity Motion will pay royalties to producers whose content is licensed by Thought Equity Motion customers. Details are listed at www.thoughtequity.com/productions.