March 5, 2007


Victory director Rico Labbe and cinematographer Jason Jobes worked with White Iron Digital's Michael Sciallis to conceptualize, develop, shoot and edit the open over a six-week period. The team traveled to the Stockton Arena in Stockton, CA, where the Lightning AF2 team plays for the four-day shoot. One hundred different uniforms were used to represent the 19 different AFL teams.

The piece is accented by high-impact stunts coordinated by Rocky Capella. Stuntmen were tethered to wires across the field to exaggerate different plays.  In one shot, a player sails 10 feet into the end zone. In another, a player is knocked for several long yards after a bone-crunching tackle.

Jobes shot the segment in HD using a Panasonic VariCam. The open was edited in HD using an Avid DS Nitris system.

Bon Jovi, who is an owner of the Philadelphia Soul AFL team, wrote and performed the track, which can be altered to include the names of the teams facing off each week. The open can also be altered to feature the uniforms of teams playing each week, and to show different match-ups on the poster in the alley.