July 3, 2007


Hunter says that while the show is challenging because of its use of a dozen cameras, the disc-based XDCAM camcorders allow the team to sync up settings for a uniform look throughout, eliminating color variables and inconsistencies. The camcorder's scene file storage capabilities also help make the online editor's job easier when color-correcting thousands of hours of footage during post production.

For On the Lot, Hunter instructs his crew to shoot using the camera's progressive 30p mode to create a visual environment that "treads the line between film and video." Not quite the film-look of 24p or the video look of 60i, he said it is "something altogether unique."

Timelapse sequences commonly used for transitional effects are also done efficiently, as the XDCAM has a timelapse mode that mimics 35mm film production.

The unit's memory cache has also proven to be useful, as it allows operators to recover footage up to 10 seconds before the camera is formally set to record.

On the Lot is not the first reality television series that Hunter has relied on the XDCAM camcorder. He also worked on Rock Star: Supernova and America's Next Top Model.