November 13, 2008


The first step of the partnership is the importer plug-in that brings native support for Red R3D files to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Encore CS4 and After Effects CS4, allowing 4K resolution native R3D files to be dropped straight onto the timeline without transcoding or rewrapping. The importer plug-in is now in beta and is available for download at
Red is making the beta plug-in available in order to obtain feedback from the community on how best to develop this workflow. Adobe's alliance with Red underscores the company's commitment to integrate tapeless camera formats into its line of professional video products.
By importing R3D files directly into Premiere Pro, Encore and After Effects - without conversion - allows for a fast, color-rich workflow that gives users control of the look when they edit. Filmmakers can dynamically change the resolution - applying color correction to the footage in full resolution - and lower the resolution on the fly to gain better performance from their hardware as they scrub through edits. 

Professionals who want to get started with the Red and Adobe workflow can download the free Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 trials for Mac OS X or Windows at