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January 31, 2008
AMAZING DIGITAL STUDIOS USING SPEEDGRADE DI FOR FILM FINISHING Choisir d’aimer was shot on 16mm and scanned at 2K, with finishing taking place entirely in SpeedGrade DI. The system was used to conform the project, including speed changes and freeze frames, as well as for grading in logarithmic color space. The final render was printed to 35mm for screening purposes.

SpeedGrade DI's non-destructive grading technology allowed the studio to edit and refine color decisions at any point.

"We really like the way SpeedGrade uses the GPU for realtime grading, and then switches to our 8-core CPU for rendering," notes Amazing technical director Frederic Savoir, who ran the system on a Mac Pro under OS X 10.5. "This particular project had to be completed on a very short timeline. Between the scan and the print to film, we only had four days to conform, grade and finish this 52-minute piece.”

The studio also used SpeedGrade DI's pan-and-scan features to output the HD/SD version.

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