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January 18, 2008
AUSSIE SHORT EMPLOYS VIPER & CODEX GEAR The short tells the story of a 13-year old boy whose only thoughts are about one girl - Sarah Jane - and his effort to become a part of her world. The UK’s Codex Digital provided a system for use as a multi-purpose recording, storage, playback and review device for footage coming either directly out of the Viper camera or separately from Venom on-board flash packs. This gave the director, producer, camera team and effects supervisor a reliable and convenient hub to check footage for focus, editing and visual effects purposes.

The Codex system was able to serve up the recorded footage in a range of different formats – including data for the post house in Sydney, HD-SDI for HD-SR for tape copies, and QuickTime files for review on remote workstations and laptops.

I Love Sarah Jane, in co-operation with QOOB (Europe), was directed by Spencer Susser and was produced by Angie Fielder, with Mike Seymour of serving as the executive producer and visual effects supervisor.