September 18, 2008


Lustre 2009 runs on a new, high-performance platform and offers numerous features that improve the color grading workflow. These features include: stereoscopic grading; intuitive project management; integrated audio input, output and playback; multi-layer timeline shot prioritization; timeline A/C mode sorting; customizable sensitivity settings for the control surface; and enhanced interoperability with the company's Flame, Inferno, Flint and Smoke visual effects and finishing systems.  

The new Lustre release - available in October - offers advanced tools for color grading stereoscopic content from live-action or computer-generated productions. These tools accelerate the process of grading, previewing and rendering left- and right-eye media.
Workflow enhancements include an intuitive interface that enables colorists to quickly define projects, set render paths, manage configuration options, establish user preferences and create templates.

The new timeline sort feature helps colorists rearrange the shots of an assembled edit decision list (EDL), grade the sorted shots in source order and then return them to their edited EDL order. Audio I/O has been integrated, allowing colorists to capture audio directly from a video source and use sound as an element of look design. And the control panel's sensitivity can be adjusted to a responsiveness level that suits each user's preference.

Lustre 2009 runs on the same platform as the Smoke finishing system and the Flame, Inferno and Flint VFX systems, making the system easy to introduce to existing post workflows. Extensive GPU acceleration capabilities have been implemented to further improve performance.

Incinerator 2009 offers the same creative toolset as Lustre, with enhanced performance that is made possible through parallel processing technology. Based on the latest server and networking technology, Incinerator 2009 enables realtime color grading for the most demanding DI feature film projects. 

Lustre 2009 will be available in October for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems. Incinerator 2009 will be available simultaneously for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CinePostproduction GmbH served as a beta-test site for the new Lustre release.