March 26, 2008


Within the Adobe Premiere Pro editor, Boris Blue appears as a filter, a single track transition effect, and can also be used to generate a composition clip. In After Effects Boris Blue is available as a filter capable of using up to seven tracks from the After Effects timeline as video inputs. 

The new release also extends hardware support to many ATI graphics boards, in addition to the many Nvidia-based graphics boards already supported.

The new release allows pros to use any 3D object as a particle. They can also create custom bevels by defining a curve with spline drawing tools. Users can import 3D models in the .3ds and .obj formats, preserving individual geometry groups. And vertex deformers provide true 3D warping of 3D objects.

Pricing of Boris Blue 2.5 is $995, and Boris Red owners can add Blue 2.5 for $295.00. Blue 2.0 customers can upgrade to 2.5 for free.