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January 30, 2008
CELCO SHIPS VERSATILE FIRESTORM 4K FILM RECORDER The recorder is suitable for HD, 2K and 4K acquired productions, digital intermediates, digital trailers, tape-to-film transfers, archive-to-film, and digital film restoration applications.
Firestorm 4K offers significantly faster speed than Celco’s Firestorm 2X recorder when recording HD, 2K and 4K resolution images onto intermediate film stock. The company has also enhanced the image sharpness and quality of the image output with its latest generation film imaging technology.

Firestorm 4K is powered by Celco’s new Linux host computer and film recorder driver software. The complete system comes with the film recorder, host computer, driver software and 2,000-foot film magazines. The Firestorm 4K also has Celco’s FilmOut Pro advanced film recording software, which allows user to control the system via a GUI, as well as take advantage of imaging tools for sharpening, degraining, formatting, resizing and color management. An interactive A/B image comparison slider allows users to view images before and after different image processing tools have been applied.

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