April 22, 2008


The tool offers extensive pre-configured 3D scenes, poseable characters and accessories to help users get started.
Pros can render compelling scenery, while gamers can easily modify their own 3D avatars and characters, which are exportable via the COLLADA file format.
"DAZ Studio 2.1 is a real milestone in our ongoing commitment to provide high-quality, yet cost-effective, software and content that easily allows any level of artist to create breathtaking art," notes Dan Farr, president of Daz 3D. "In addition to professional enhancements such as the Sub Division and Drag and Drop features, Daz Studio 2.1 also offers a simplified QuickStart tutorial feature for 3D novices. Not only do these features help us push the bar to meet the expanding needs of our customers, but we are also introducing the world of 3D to new audiences, from first time artists to transitioning 2D professionals."
Pro features include a full-color OpenGL Preview, integration with the powerful 3Delight Render Engine (compliant with Pixar's RenderMan) and Fast-Time Rendering via the user's graphic card hardware. Drag & Drop capabilities automatically fit clothing or hair to 3D figures. And Levels of Detail (LOD) allows users to control the amount of polygonal mesh detail, while retaining universal compatibility of morphs, textures and other accessories.

The free animation tool is available for Windows 98 SE or higher and Mac OSX 10.3 or higher. Each version comes with pre-configured 3D content.