January 10, 2008


The release features over six hours of project-based training and guides artists through a time-saving approach to character creation, art direction, look development and the processes of modeling, texturing, and rendering cartoon characters, all using Modo 301.
Bob Bennett, VP of marketing for Luxology, says creating characters in the application can be a lot of fun, and the training tool reflects that. The title is available as a download or can be purchased on disc for $59.99.
Highlights include: mesh sculpting, image-based sculpting, vector displacement, painting textures in modo, working in the shader tree, global illumination, constrain to background, copying and pasting polygons, reusing geometry, SDS subdivide, sub-d modeling tools, using morph maps to add facial expressions and using deformers.
The shader tree, pen tool, loop slice and element move features are also covered.