October 17, 2008


Vue 7 Pioneer is priced at just $49.95 and is an entry-level application that lets 3D newcomers and casual artists easily create realistic 3D landscapes. The tools can be extended with a number of independent modules that add functionality to the base product.

"We decided to extend our modular approach, because it is a nice way of letting users build the 3D product that best fits their requirements and budget, then gradually add features as their level of proficiency increases," says E-on president Nicholas Phelps. “By adding modules, users can progressively upgrade all the way from Pioneer up to Complete.”

Vue 7 Complete ($599) is specifically designed for expert 3D artists and small studios, and represents a cost-effective alternative to Vue Infinite ($895), the company’s high-end standalone solution. Complete has tools for creating natural scenery, as well as wind and breeze effects, ventilators, EcoSystem painting and 3D export, among others.

For studios looking for an integrated solution for creating natural 3D environments, E-on offers Vue 7 xStream. The $1,495 tool is geared toward production houses working with other 3D packages.