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January 18, 2008
EDEN FX HELPS HISTORY CHANNEL SHOW 'LIFE AFTER PEOPLE' The studio designed and produced over 30 effects shots for the program, including ones in which famous world icons deteriorate and collapse. Landmarks such as the Sears Tower, Seattle Space Needle, Hoover Dam, Buckingham Palace, Lincoln Memorial, the Arc de Triomphe are all shown falling into disrepair.

According to Eden FX’s co-founder John Gross, the studio developed a new approach to timelapse photography in the course of the production, one that they “utilized for a number of shots, including the aging of a cornfield as it grows, withers and rots away; a car decaying over 80 years; and even the Hoover Dam crumbling and spilling out a massive amount of water. This was a challenging, and certainly different, project for us, which we delivered with a very fast turn-around.”

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