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February 27, 2008
EYEBALLNYC COMPLETES ANIMAL PLANET SPOT A Meerkat is presented at “The Loner” while a chimp is called “The Comic.” A scarred man is shown and is labeled “The Prey” in a grizzly bear scene. The promo closes with type that declares: “Entertainment has a new face.”

Eyeball split the still photographs of the characters into features and animated subtle movements. By placing these features in 3D they were able to create a greater sense of space and time, expanding on the “frozen moment” style.

The studio used Adobe’s Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3 and After Effects 7 on the project along with Apple’s Final Cut Pro software for editing, all running on Mac G5s.

Limore Shur was creative director on the project and David Pocull served as lead designer/animator. Freelancer editor Thomas Downs and assistant editor Tobias Arturi cut :60 and :30 versions of the promo. Ayato Fujii, Neil Stuber and Ghazia Jalal served as designer/animators on the project and Johan Wiberg also provided animation. Gretchen Hilmers provided retouching and Erica Hirshfeld acted as producer.

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