October 17, 2008


Generation Suite sits at the head of the Generation product line, managing and administering projects from a few artists to thousands of artists, in a single facility or spread across multiple international sites. The Generation Suite is an integrated compositing, editing, versioning and collaboration system designed to be the master suite in a film or broadcast pipeline. The Suite contains all of the compositing tools available in Eyeon's Fusion, with seamless interoperability and full timeline editing. The versioning collaboration system helps bring together shots from the entire project and the annotation system provides accurate communication.

Generation Studio contains all of the editing, versioning, annotation, and collaboration tools found in Generation Suite. Generation Studio is designed to augment current Fusion pipelines by expanding them toward a Generation workflow. Generation Studio allows supervisors and artists to work together on a project by adding the ability to edit multiple shots and create version histories.

Generation Player is the everyday workhorse of the Generation product line. Adding Generation Player to any current Fusion pipeline, or into multiple departments such as 3D, lighting, and animation, instantly gives artists access to a Generation project. Generation Player can open any part of a project version history and insert the current version created to view. This gives Fusion artists the ability to play back alongside the latest version of the project. Generation Player also contains all of the collaboration and annotation tools in the Generation family.

To see a list of cities the Generation World Tour will be visiting, check out the Eyeon Website: www.eyeonline.com.