April 8, 2008


The new location is a penthouse on Fifth Avenue. FlickerLab's original content team will remain headquartered on West 18th Street.  Expanding into the additional space extends FlickerLab's offerings without building a new facility. In addition, the strategic partnership allows the studio to tap into a broader creative talent pool. In turn, Nth Degree will be able to bring FlickerLab's talents to bear on their projects. 

"We are sharing a huge physical plant with Michael Porte's motion graphics and broadcast design company Nth Degree and editorial entity The Field," explains FlickerLab partner Tammy Walters. "This collaboration scenario is beneficial to everyone."

FlickerLab also has plans to launch a new initiative, dubbed Moss, which will be focused exclusively on work that is environmental, political or social in context.

"Our focus going forward will be on our new green initiative, Moss, continuing FlickerLab's history of animation and storytelling, and expanding our original content development division," notes partner Harold Moss. "We have several television and film projects with real momentum."