September 17, 2008


The FS-CV DTE offers 100GB of hard drive video storage, enabling videographers to record edit-ready HDV or DV streams directly to disk. The recorder also gives Canon XL and XH users the ability to tag media with custom metadata in the field while shooting.

Video pros can connect a browser-capable mobile device or laptop to the FS-CV via a wired or wireless network connection and assign custom metadata. During post, users can transfer clips from the FS-CV to their NLE and all the information assigned during the shoot will transferred with the clip.
The FS-CV also offers increased direct to edit technology support, including QuickTime HDV 1080i50/60/24F/25F and 30F for Final Cut Pro and MXF HDV 720p30, and 1080i 50/60 for Avid NLE systems. New support for UDF disk formatting lets users record up to 1.5 hours in a single DV/HDV file. The company plans to ship the 100GB unit this month.

Focus Enhancements also showed its new MR-HD100 Media Recorder for JVC's GY-HD200E/201E and GY-HD251E series of ProHD camcorders at the recent IBC show. The 100GB unit offers native file recording support for QuickTime HDV 720p24/25/30/50/60, as well as MXF HDV 720p30 and 1080i 50/60 support for Avid NLEs. Connectivity is via a USB 2.0 interface and a removable Li-Ion battery pack provides up to three hours of record time. The close integration between the JVC cameras and the MR-HD100 allows users to monitor the recorder's status in the camcorder's viewfinder. Scheduled delivery date is September as well.