April 22, 2008


It also allows the H4 SuperMini's encoder, preamp and monitor module to be mounted in a variety of locations.

With the H4 Multi-Cable, the H4 SuperMini's microphone head connects directly to the camera through a cold shoe connector and the microphone's encoder is attached to the side of the camera or worn as a belt pack.  The H4 Multi-Cable is available with a three-foot or five-foot cable, which connects the multi-channel microphone head to the encoder, maintaining the user's mobility.

Operators using the H4 Multi-Cable have full use of the H4 SuperMini's features, including virtual surround headphone monitoring, six channel discrete output, external center microphone input and the Dolby ProLogic II encoder, which outputs 5.1 surround sound to any two channel recording device. This allows audio captured by the H4 SuperMini to be recorded to any standard broadcast camera. Recordings can then be decoded using a Dolby Pro Logic II or Pro Logic-compatible decoder.

In related news, Holophone updated the H4's mic's encoder, adding balanced output capability. In addition to its current 3.5mm stereo outputs, the H4's encoder now features one 6-pin mini XLR output, which contains both LT and RT balanced information.