March 28, 2008


Unrendered RAW files offer more image data at one-third the size of an equivalent DPX file, greatly reducing throughput and storage requirements. Iridas  is one of the only developers offering live de-Bayering of all available RAW formats. Currently the SpeedGrade and FrameCycler applications support Arri D20 RAW, CineForm RAW (used by Silicon Imaging and others), Phantom RAW, and Weisscam RAW, as well as Dalsa 4K RAW. Support for new RAW formats will be added as these become available.

Culver City, CA-based I.E. Effects ( chose the Dalsa Origin/SpeedGrade workflow on a recently Motorola commercial featuring soccer star David Beckham.  "We were really impressed with the image quality of the RAW footage in SpeedGrade DI,” says David Kenneth, producer and partner at I.E. Effects. “The color range was excellent, which is great for grading."

Dalsa president Rob Hummel notes the importance of the Iridas support: "It makes the process so easy it’s scary! Not only can a cinematographer view shots immediately without rendering, but staying in RAW means that each 4K frame is just 16 MB. Combining this with the ability to apply creative looks non-destructively makes for a super efficient workflow."