January 24, 2008


The studio’s work for The Golden Compass involved the creation of the hero daemons, including Richard's daemon Pan in all his incarnations; the Golden Monkey (Kidman’s daemon); Stelmaria (Craig’s daemon); the spyflies and numerous other characters.  Rhythm & Hues’ proprietary fluid simulation program was also used for the creation of the mystical swarming dust clouds seen in the movie's Daemon Death and Battlefield sequences. This technology was recognized by the Academy earlier this month with a Scientific and Technical Academy Award. Recipients include Dr. Jerry Tessendorf, Michael Kowalski, Jonathan Cohen and UCLA Oceanographer and R&H consultant Jeroen Molemaker.
Bill Westenhofer is now a two-time Oscar nominee.  He was nominated in 2005 in the same category forThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.