May 22, 2008



The company will continue gathering feedback until August and will use it to fine-tune their technology in an effort to match or surpass the cinema experience.

Pioneer's KURO monitors aim at achieving absolute, pure black. Their 2008 KURO displays feature black levels five times deeper than found on previous KURO units. By reducing the idle luminance and improving black levels the latest models more accurately reproduce deeper colors within the high-definition color spectrum.
Paul Meyhoefer, vice president of display marketing and product planning, for Pioneer's home entertainment business solutions group, says the company's goal is "to listen to and fully understand the minds of creative professionals and their craft. When great entertainment comes together something truly magical happens, the boundaries of technology fall away and you're left with a truly unique experience. This is the hidden key to the power that KURO possesses and ensures the integrity of the artist's vision is never compromised."

The KURO Loft features six competing flat panel HDTVs, as well as an "ultimate KURO living room" set-up with 10 displays. Visitors can bring their own media, or critique HD cable programming, Blu-ray media or video game content.

LA-based Thompson + Kravetz Interior Design developed the 1,800-square foot space's open floor plan.