June 30, 2008


PlasterCity specializes in post for independent films and episodic television programs. The studio uses an uncompressed HDI workflow, supported by a 140TB Storage Area Network (SAN), in which they edit and distribute high-resolution content. They currently use the AJ-HD3700B D-5 HD VTR for mastering full 2K resolution film content. The HDP2000 2K processor is used as a final mastering step for broadcast-ready content.

Stephen Beres, PlasterCity’s CTO, says “adding the HDP2000 2K processor to our D-5 HD VTR decks provides us with a very efficient way to master and playback pre-recorded full 2K materials. It allows us to carry full resolution 2K images throughout the post process, from edit to archiving, without degrading the image. And it was fairly easy to integrate into our system, because the HDP2000 doesn’t require special cabling or switching - it’s baseband HD.”
Prior to using the 2K processor, the post house had to ingest the content as DPX in the main server, and then ingest the footage into the nonlinear editor whenever access was needed.