April 29, 2008


Poser Pro features easy-to-use 3D character design and animation tools that help artists integrate custom and pre-built characters into professional projects and production pipelines. Users can fine tune light, shadow, color and detail on figures. The release includes 3D characters that are specially designed to provide a starting point for scene development, helping to save production time.

Poser Pro includes PoserFusion plug-ins, which enable the hosting of both animated and static Poser scenes in Autodesk's 3DS Max and Maya, as well as in Maxon's Cinema 4D. The application also supports COLLADA data interchange, which permits the import of 3D data and the export of Poser scenes with character rigging and blend zones, morph targets, texture information, lighting, cameras and other scene details.

A distributed Network Render Queue and Queue Manager allows users to set up and manage a cross-platform rendering network. Background rendering enables users to continue working on scenes while rendering, and the updated 64-bit Firefly Render Engine permits full system memory to be used for the rendering of large scene files.

For extreme realism in rendered images, Poser Pro provides high dynamic range (HDR) image import for textures and image-based light (IBL) maps, plus optimized export of those rendered HDR images.

Pricing is set at $499.99. Registered users of Poser 6 and Poser 7 can side-grade to Poser Pro for $199.99 until July 31, 2008.