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January 9, 2008
PYRO KOMPRESSOR HD SPEEDS ENCODING The Pyro Kompressor HD hardware accelerator (
works with Windows XP and Mac OS X Leopard platforms, and is tightly integrated into Adobe’s video software family. Acceleration functionality is plug-and-play in Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects CS3 Professional. The single-slot board is powered by the Ambric Am2045TM parallel processor featuring the 336 RISC processor and delivering 1.2 teraOPS-class of performance.

The solution can compress MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC for DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Web streaming media, archival storage, IPTV, and VOD. A programmable chip allows the solution to be updated as compression standards evolve.

The included Pyro Kompressor HD transcoding software application simplifies production and provides control over input, conversion, encoding and output. It can read either uncompressed video input or import compressed files, using a wide range of included decoders to enable transcoding for DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, AVCHD, AVC-Intra, VC-1, DVCPRO 25/50/100, DVCPRO-HD, JPEG2000, and YUV files.

Pricing is $3,495.00. The PC version will be available in February and the Mac version will be available in the spring.

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