February 11, 2008


This free commercial license gives graduates the professional 3D software they need to begin accepting freelance work and develop a show-reel — essential for breaking into the professional 3D market.
“To meet the increasing demand for Softimage|XSI 3D artists worldwide, we’re kicking off a series of focused educational initiatives starting with the new Softimage certification program for instructors and compelling post-graduation incentives for students,” notes Marc Stevens, GM of Softimage and VP of Avid Technology. “Extensive input from our educational partners has helped shape these new programs in terms of meeting the needs of both the schools and the students.”
The Softimage Education Program consists of the Softimage Education Partner (SEP) and the Softimage Certified Instructor (SCI) Program.

The SEP program is tailored and open to education and training facilities that offer XSI as a learning course within their curriculum, and taught by a certified Softimage instructor. Benefits include: participation in the Softimage Graduate program, in which graduating students from a recognized Softimage Education Partner institute receive a free one-year commercial license of XSI Essentials; training resources; access to a private Website and Softimage marketing materials; early access to new versions of XSI; and a personalized student gallery on Softimage.com.

The SCI Program is designed to meet the needs of the pro training community by offering a streamlined, online process for instructors to help them learn the latest features and techniques in XSI and become a Softimage Certified Instructor. The SCI program assures all certified instructors are knowledgeable and current with the latest software technology and presentation skills to successfully train students.
Softimage is hosting an Education Summit at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on Tuesday, February 19th from 1-4pm. Company executives will present the 2008 Education Program to academic leaders from all over North America.