June 4, 2008


With its years of experience in managing large volumes of digital media, Sohonet feels that it is in a position to apply its knowledge and experience to this challenge.

The service arm has already made an impact on several productions, including the design and implementation of a file-based production data management system for the Wachowski’s Speed Racer. The division also completed extensive work on a major visual effects shot for the new James Bond feature, Quantum of Solace, dealing with the challenging data workflow requirements of shooting multi-camera uncompressed 4K. For the film, CTO/senior partner Jon Ferguy designed the systems and processes to handle 60TB of uncompressed 4K and HD data, which had been captured for a complex visual effects sequence using eight Dalsa Origin 4K cameras and seven HD cameras.

In addition to Speed Racer and the upcoming Bond film, Sohonet Solutions has consulted with the Moving Picture Company, Capital FX, Midnight Transfer, Pinewood Sound and Animal Logic.