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February 5, 2008
SUPER BOWL: FRAMESTORE CREATES 'CARRIER PIGEONS' FOR FED EX In it, hundreds of pigeons have been equipped with GPS and night-vision sensors, allowing them to carry documents far and wide. And for the “big stuff,” giant pigeons have been developed. Only after a large box is dropped on a car and a giant feather causes a bus to crash does the boss say they are going to use Fed Ex.

The spot was directed by Tom Kuntz of MJZ for ad agency BBDO and combines live-action, greenscreen and photorealistic 3D animation. Framestore's biggest challenge was creating the enormous birds. In addition to creating realistic models, it was also important to animate the correct weight and wing flap for a 12-foot bird, all while maintaining the characteristics of real pigeon behavior.

The spot’s climax, with crashing crates and hoisted cars, involved a three-day shoot. Framestore NY used Autodesk Flame and Maya, as well as Side Effects Houdini and Mental Ray to complete the job.