April 21, 2009


The software package integrates with Final Cut, Pro Tools, QuickBooks, Address Book, iCal, and other platforms, and is user-customizable. In addition, the application is networkable across Mac and PC platforms. 

The V.9 release introduces seven new modules and will be available in four versions, all designed to provide appropriate tools for the entire range of media producers. Solo is designed for single-user boutique studios. Pro is for small professional studios. The Network version is for multi-room facilities, while the Internet version is for mid-to-large size facilities needing Web-wide access to critical data.

The new modules include: Productions, which allows groups of projects to be clustered and managed collectively, AICP Budgeting for “realtime” budget/actual status, and Employee Scheduling. The Web Requests module permits clients to make service requests via the Internet, while the Quick Log module makes it easy for editors, engineers, and freelancers to add themselves and other “billable” resources to Projects. The Tasks module now stands on its own, providing centralized task management across Productions, Projects, and Calendar. A new, built-in file transfer application executes file transfers, logs each file movement for historical record keeping, and prompts users to link transfers as billable line items back to the associated Project.

Additional Studio Suite 9 enhancements include a revamped Calendar module, and a “rental” workflow that accommodates equipment barcode scanning, “overdue” alerts, and billing.