July 28, 2009


Under the terms of the licensing agreement, AudioMicro members have access to The Hollywood Edge’s library of sound effects, royalty free and under the same pricing and terms as AudioMicro’s crowd-sourced sound effects. Prices for individual sound effects are as little as $1 per minute, while subscription packages start at just $9 per month. Users are permitted to use the content for all digital media applications.

Historically, The Hollywood Edge library has been available only in the form of large effects packages aimed at the pro market. Lon Bender, chief creative officer of CSS Studios, says the agreement makes the library “accessible to a much wider spectrum of users.”
AudioMicro recently redesigned its Website to make it more user friendly and introduced a second iPhone application - AudioMicro Lite – which includes over 50 royalty-free sound effects as well as a fun “Sneak Attack” feature. For 99 cents, users can upgrade to the full AudioMicro app, which includes over 500 professional effects.