September 8, 2009


According to Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty, managers, office staff and engineers at the Coral Springs office were let go, but engineers are staying on, and the company already has plans to add more.

The team that works on da Vinci’s Resolve hardware-based color correction product will be three to four times larger in coming months, says Petty, and a lot of new ideas will be added to the solution.

Revival, da Vinci’s software-based restoration tool, will also have more engineering resources added to it, helping to bring the product further along.

Petty adds that support staff will be added to the New York market, where the focus will be exclusively on da Vinci products. Spare parts that currently exist for systems will be delivered to the various worldwide support offices.

As for support contracts, Petty says Blackmagic Design is going to honor all current support contracts, but the company will not sign any new ones.

And in regard to lowering the prices on da Vinci’s products, Petty says it is still a challenge as products, such as Resolve, rely on Linux systems and multiple graphics cards, making costs harder to cut, other than through prices decreasing over time. Instead, the focus on da Vinci products will be on adding features.