September 28, 2009


The event marks the country’s first content creator/entertainment technology-centered event. China recently began broadcasting in high definition and there is great interest and opportunity in entertainment technology and its effect on each stage of the process, from creative through final delivery. 

The Expo has the full support of the Macao government and many renowned Chinese filmmakers and leaders. It will include a technology-driven exhibition area, a conference program of panels and speakers, and a digital cinema film festival.  In addition to evening events and sponsored lunches, a closing night gala is planned.

“What drove high definition to the US consumer was the evolution of quality content created using the emerging technology,” explains filmmaker Randall Dark. “We have had over 20 years to discover and cultivate the relationship between the artist and the technologist.  This annual event is specifically designed to expand the relationship globally. High definition in China is the next frontier.”

“For those of us who work in the community of content creators and entertainment technologists, China’s massive and rapidly growing economy simply cannot be ignored,” adds Createasphere president Kristin Petrovich. “There is so much going on there that we need to experience and, conversely, our decade plus experience in high definition and cutting edge technologies like 3D could be very beneficial to the Chinese at this critical moment.”