August 18, 2009


EditShare offers cross platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems. Its Universal Media File technology allows a single media file to be used simultaneously by Apple and Avid editors. Automatic Duck's Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP allow editors to translate bi-directionally between Avid and Final Cut Pro sequences.

By working together, Automatic Duck now understands EditShare's Universal Media Files and knows how to retrieve information from the EditShare's Flow database. As a result, editors in a mixed Avid and Final Cut environment can seamlessly switch back and forth between the two applications, using a common pool of media files, with entire timelines intact.

"Many facilities feel they have to choose which editing application they go with - typically Final Cut Pro or Avid," explains Andy Liebman, president/founder of EditShare. "This limits the talent pool because editors are usually aligned with one application versus another. The new Automatic Duck and EditShare integration means that organizations can build mixed application environments without having to make a painful choice."

"Partnering with EditShare on this initiative enables us to build on our original vision," explains Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck, "taking the notion of simplifying workflows between applications and extending that value to the collaborative, shared media workgroup environment."