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September 12, 2009
FACILIS PREVIEWS TERRABLOCK 4.1 SHARED STORAGE SOLUTION This release represents the latest deployment of the Facilis Shared File System, which first shipped for Windows fibre channel clients in June. Through the 4.1 release, standard 1Gbit Ethernet clients will access Facilis Virtual Volumes in multi-user write mode (file-level) directly, without the need for a bridge server. Ethernet connectivity removes the need for client-side hardware upgrades, and expensive fibre channel infrastructure for clients using compressed HD or standard definition video.

Through use of a traditional single-user write mode, TerraBlock provides HD 4:4:4 and 2K DPX playback simultaneous with collaborative multi-user write project and media sharing capabilities. Volumes may be designated as single-user or multi-user write for the best combination of performance and workflow.
TerraBlock 4.1 is planned for release in early Q4, followed by the OSX fibre channel release in late Q4.

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