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May 29, 2009
FACILIS RELEASE HAS MULTI-USER WRITE FUNCTIONALITY TerraBlock 4.0 allows both file-level and volume-level sharing on the same network. Users can designate their virtual volumes as multi-user write (file-level) or single-user write (volume-level) for the optimal combination of performance and workflow.

The initial release of the Facilis Shared File System supports Windows clients (Windows XP32/64; Vista 64; Server 2003/2008), with Apple OS X planned for later this year.

By using traditional volume-level data sharing, high-bandwidth formats like HD 4:4:4 and 2K DPX are fully supported on all platforms. In the first release, up to 220Mbit HD and uncompressed SD capture is supported on a file-level Windows volume. Unlike many SAN systems, TerraBlock 4.0 requires no IT networking and there is no per-seat license fee.

Both Version 4.0 and the Facilis Shared File System upgrade are available for existing TerraBlock systems, and new systems will receive the first year of Shared File System free of charge.

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