June 12, 2009


Filmworkers Club installed two Splice systems at its Chicago facility and one at its Dallas facility. Colorists can now grade commercials in-context and in realtime. Scenes can be assembled on a timeline and graded in the the order they will appear in the project, helping to maintain consistency between scenes.

Splice accesses digital images directly from SAN, DAS, or internal storage, eliminating the need to search rolls of film or cue up video. The 2K user interface synchronizes and controls Splice so that it can move to any scene or rearrange shots on the timeline, while also adding alternative shots.

At Filmworkers, the Splice workflow starts with digital files scanned by the facility's Spirit 2K DataCine or with files provided by digital film cameras. These are loaded into Bright Systems storage, accessed with the Splice, and assembled on a timeline for grading on the 2K Plus. Media is then output to tape or files.