August 25, 2009


The team has more that 20 years of production and post experience, along with access to Red One digital cameras. Their goal is to create unique royalty-free glamour media and content that can be accessed by a variety of advertising and production companies at an affordable price. Using the Red One, the team works in a 4K environment. “Because the grain is so fine, we protect almost every pixel, whether it represents a strand of hair or the shimmer of a delicate bubble,” explains VP of production Jon Schellenger. “Detail makes 4K a glamorous format. We also downsize to 2K so you can have instant access to the content. The great thing about 2K is it can instantly be adjusted to work with any project.”

GlamourKey is expanding its target audience to online developers who incorporate Adobe Flash Video (.flv) files into their Websites. These .flv files are competitively priced for designers working with smaller budgets.