May 4, 2009


The company opens with a roster of eight directors: Billy Kent, Kohl Norville, Art Haynie, Rob Markopoulos, Doug Coleman, Mary Boss, Bo Mehrad and David Palmer. Spots & Content will also represent the visual effects firm “& Company.”

Levy opened Habana Avenue as a bicoastal production services company in 2004.  He is best known for his work on the opens for Monday Night Football with Hank Williams Jr. and Super Bowl XLIII for NBC with Faith Hill. Miller has spent the greater part of the last decade running sales and marketing for commercial production companies Highway 61 and Bridge Street Films. The two first met and worked together at the now defunct Highway 61, where Miller served as head of sales & marketing, and Levy both produced and directed.

Spots & Content is the first of a number of companies being launched under the Habana Avenue network of companies as part of Habana’s expanded offering of integrated production services.