April 27, 2009


Jeffrey Seckendorf has joined Createasphere: Learn as its workshops/education manager.  Seckendorf, founder of Snaproll Films, is an award winning director and cinematographer whose teaching credentials include over 20 years at the International Film and TV Workshops in Rockport, ME.

The division will host REDucation in Los Angles this July, offering a hands-on, intense and interactive experience for existing and potential Red camera users. The VariCamp and P2 Workflow Workshops will also continue in cities around the country this year.
P2 Workshops are set for Los Angeles (August 6-7 and November 5-6) and New York (September 12-13). VariCamps have been set for Chicago (June 9-11,) New York (September 14 -16) and Los Angeles (November 1-3).

Createasphere: Learn will also launch E-Tech later this year, a foundational workshop that covers entertainment technologies and how they affect the non-technical content creator, including directors, producers, writers, and entry-level technical team members.