April 20, 2009


The unit’s rack-mount enclosure contains 16 hot-swappable 3.5-inch disk drive canisters for 3 Gb/s SAS or SATA-2 disk drives, which creates a powerful and dense storage array of up to 32TB (24TB available now using 1.5 TB SATA-2 drives and up to 32TB using upcoming 2TB SATA-2 drives) in a 3U RAID shelf.

To expand storage beyond the 16 internal drives, users can daisy-chain the FibreStream system to JMR’s BlueStor SAS JBOD Expansion unit. Multiple expansion units can be connected in this manner to create a customized storage set-up.

FibreStream uses Atto’s FastStream embedded Storage Controller technology. FastStream is designed as a microATX RAID controller that integrates with SAS or SATA storage to provide instant RAID protection and advanced intelligence features.

A recent FibreStream test (transferring 10 MB file size on a Mac Pro) resulted in read speeds of up to 1,345.76 MB/sec and write speeds of up to 814.5 MB/sec.