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August 18, 2009
JMR TO SHOW FIBRESTREAM RAID AT IBC Currently, FibreStream is a 3U product with a 16TB capacity (32TB using the latest 2TB SATA-2 disks). The system is expandable to 256TB using 1TB disk drives via SAS concatenation. With four 4 Gigabit FC host connections, the user does not need to invest in external SAN hardware for up to four users. FibreStream operates RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD modes and is highly fault tolerant. Its Resume on Restart feature rebuilds, media scans and initializes automatically after a power outage, and no tools are required for replacement of all functional elements.
FibreStream provides Large LBA support (4kB sector size) for large volumes (2TB to 16TB), and RAID partitioning allows users to increase storage efficiency by providing more LUNs without using lower capacity RAID groups.  The system also provides Write-Cache Flow Control to ensure smooth data streaming.
A Command Line Interface (CLI) is provided via a serial port to debug, monitor and manage the system without Ethernet access, and the system provides temperature monitoring, event logging, a real time clock and power-on self test at reboot making it one of the easiest to implement and lowest-cost shared storage strategies ever available to Final Cut Pro users.
At the IBC show, a fully operational demo system will be set up showing a FCP workflow.